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What’s App: +1 (307) 886-4365 Phone: +1 (307) 218-6934

Refund Policy



1. CUSTOMER RESULTS DEPEND ON VARIOUS FACTORS OUTSIDE OUR CONTROL AND CANNOT BE GUARANTEED: The purchase of Lender Research Report greatly facilitates the achievement of corporate credit and financing, but does not guarantee it. Various factors, such as the customer’s personal credit scores and credit history, the availability of lenders based on the customer’s geographical location, the current economic climate, and the customer’s ability to follow-through on credit applications and approval requirements, are all factors outside our control and for that reason we legally cannot and therefore do not in any way guarantee any particular result for customer, whether we assist customer in the process of obtaining financing or not. WE CANNOT AND DO NOT EVER GUARANTEE THAT CUSTOMER WILL ACHIEVE ANY PARTICULAR FUNDING RESULT(S).

2. CREDIT-READY PACKAGES ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE LENDER RESEARCH REPORT: In order to obtain bank accounts, credit, and financing, customer is required to obtain for the corporate entity, at minimum, the IRS company registration (EIN #), the Dun & Bradstreet #, 411 Directory Listing, and Yellow Pages Listing. IF CUSTOMER CHOOSES TO NOT PURCHASE A CREDIT-READY PACKAGE, THEN CUSTOMER AGREES TO OBTAIN THESE MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS WITHOUT OUR ASSISTANCE IF THEY ARE NOT ALREADY IN PLACE. PACKAGES ARE OPTIONAL AND ALWAYS BILLED SEPARATELY.

3. 80 PAYDEX PROGRAM IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE LENDER RESEARCH REPORT: This is an optional product that is always billed separately. Achieving an 80 Paydex Score on Dunn & Bradstreet takes approximately 45 to 60 days assuming you follow our instructions in a timely manner. The 80 Paydex Score increases your chances of being approved for funding with lenders and is highly recommended, however, it is not an absolute requirement. The 45 to 60 day time frame is counted from the day the 1st Trade Credit Application is submitted. Additionally, the 80 Paydex Program does not include the cost of purchasing small-value items from the reporting vendors. Expect to spend a total of approximately $250 with vendors in addition to the cost of the 80 Paydex Program.

4. LENDER SUBMISSION SERVICE IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE LENDER RESEARCH REPORT: This is an optional product that is always billed separately. You can submit your own applications without assistance, or you you can purchase our Lender Submission Service to assist you exclusively with the Applications that can be done ONLINE.


Frequently Asked Questions

LenderDigger is a Lender Research Service designed to identify the Lenders that best meet your Funding Requirements. What would otherwise take you hundreds of hours of research and be highly impractical is now possible through our effort and experience in find the best Lenders. Apply Right. Get Funded.

Each Lender Research Report contains the exact number of Lenders you requested us to find, along with Lender Contact Details, Requirements for Approval, and Application Instructions.

We work with the following types:

  • Unsecured Business Credit Cards
  • Unsecured Business Lines of Credit
  • Unsecured Business Loans
  • Business Cash Advances
  • Equipment Leasing
  • Equipment Loans

Yes, many Lenders can approve Funding “Stated Income”, without Income Verification.

Yes, we can show you strategies to achieve that. There are several ways to do it and we can show you.

Lender Submission Service is designed to save you time and avoid mistakes by having our staff submit your Lender Applications for you. If the Lender allows Online Applications, we will submit them 100% for you, but if the Lender requires the Application to be submitted in person or some other way, we will complete the Application for you and give you instructions to submit it yourself according to Lender Requirements.

Yes, we can, but that will limit the number of lenders that will meet your requirements.

If this happens, we will issue a pro-rated refund for the percentage of lenders we cannot find.

Usually the research will take 3 Business Days, but if your request is more difficult it can take up to 10 Business Days.

No, we have Lenders for every type of credit. However, the better your credit, the more lenders and better rates we will be able to find for you.

No, we don’t.

We estimate that you will save between 10 to 40 hours of your time by using our service, depending on the difficulty of your request and your existing experience in finding and obtaining Business Funding.

Yes, you can, but if you exclude too many Lenders, that may limit our ability to find the number of lenders you need depending on your requirements and location.

Yes, we can help you because there are many Lenders which are Nationwide in their “footprint” and thus can service your area even though it may look difficult for you.

Yes, you can, but we don’t recommend it. It is always better to apply with just one applicant, the one who has the best personal credit.

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Sales & Support Hours:

Open 10am to 8pm ET. Mon to Fri.
Phone: +1 (307) 886-4365


What’s App: +1 (307) 886-4365
Phone: +1 (307) 218-6934


What’s App: +1 (307) 886-4365
Phone: +1 (307) 218-6934